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Arabian Control Systems has been pioneered to cater to the Electrical and Instrumentation needs of the Sultanate of Oman and its neighboring countries. The company’s vision is to provide quality services and the latest technology in this sector.

ACS has successfully accomplished the following projects in the year 2007.

> The EPC, Cathodic Protection System for Daleel Petroleum  LLC underground vessels 1505/1506.
> Post commissioning, assistance for mechanical works, provision for construction resources project for JGC Corporation, Japan, Oman operation / Sohar Refinery Company
> Commissioning work for Occidental Mukhaizna Project.
> Oman LNG Plant shutdown Maintenance project for TOCO / Oman LNG.
> Instrumentation Maintenance Contract for Babcock Borsing Service/ Ghubra Power Station.
> Service contract for UT Thickness gauging technicians project for Oman Refinery Company.
> EPC, Clamp on Flow meter on desalinated water Project for Al-Ghubra Power & Desalination Co. SAOG.

    Arabian Control Systems L.L.C
    P.O. Box: 1052, PC 111
    Seeb, Sultanate of Oman
    Tel: (968) 24592689, 24592714, 24505311
    Fax: (968) 24592750
    Calibration Lab Fax: (968) 24505312
    Email: acontrol@omantel.net.om



    Our Company has over 8 years experience serving oil & gas, petrochemical, utilities, power generation and other industry sectors, Offers full turnkey capability for all types of electrical, instrumentation, control, telemetry and automation projects

    We Undertake the following  

    • Control Engineering and Systems integration.
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
    • Telemetry systems.
    • PLC and DCS based systems.
    • Safety and ESD Systems.
    • Integrated control and safety systems.
    • Sensors and instrumentation.
    • Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and Control and electrical panels
    • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control panels.
    • Software development and configuration.
    • Instrument and electrical installation.
    • Systems commissioning.
    • Maintenance & Support.
    • Calibration of instruments

    Electrical Engineering

    Our electrical engineering section is fully equipped to design, manufacture, install and commission electrical systems for all types of industrial applications, which include the following activities:

    • Electrical schematics and wiring diagrams.
    • Hazardous area equipment.
    • UPS, DC and AC Power Supplies.
    • Power Factor Correction.
    • Earthing and protection circuits.
    • Switchboards, Distribution boards & MCC panels.
    • Marshalling and interposing relay control panels
    • Variable Speed Drives.
    • Plant and cable load calculation.
    • Onshore/Offshore electrical installation and commissioning

    The company is accredited by NICEIC.

    Instrument Engineering

    We have extensive experience of instrumenting new plants and re-vamping instrumentation of existing plants.  Instrument types include pressure, temperature, level and flow measuring instruments as well as analytical types for measurement of dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, pH, etc.      

    SCADA and Telemetry Systems

    ACS provides complete SCADA solutions, for in-plant and wide area applications, based on a variety of communications media, including low power radio, licensed VHF/UHF radio, PSTN, direct wire and optical fibre.

    Typically, data from plant-connected sensors are collected from remote sites, which are equipped with RTUs / outstations, signalling back to one or more master-stations.

    The Company is experienced in designing systems which use proprietary RTUs such as Serck, Transmitton, Datacall and Dynamic Logic. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are also used by ACS to perform RTU functions.

    Our SCADA experience includes the following activities:

    • Front end engineering design
    • Functional design specification (FDS)
    • System structural design
    • Communications protocol selection
    • Hardware selection
    • Software coding
    • Hardware/software integration
    • Factory acceptance testing
    • Installation and commissioning
    Quality Assurance

    All of the company’s activities are subject to quality assurance under our QA system.